Utah Hoops: Getting to Know the Geoducks


So Utah Basketball is here…  WOOHPIEEE

I would be more excited, but we only have 2 actual games before January and it’s nearly a month till the first one.

But I’m here to blog so here is tonights opposition…


Where to start, a description of Evergreen St, a description of a Geoduck, or discussing their team.

Evergreen St. is in the same city as the exhibition opponent, St. Martin’s.  The dank rainy city of Olympia, WA.  Unless of course you know the area, then one of the schools is technically in Lacey I think.  Evergreen is a unique school in that they don’t give grades.  They have classes like the Black Lesbian Experience and Civil Disobedience.  Instead of grades, everyone writes long evaluations of each other and all of these evaluations are stapled together and that is your transcript.  So no, you’re not going to Harvard after that.

But if you go to Evergreen, mostly you want to smoke weed.  Because as it turns out the have an entire 2nd economy based on weed there.  And you think I’m joking, don’t you.

This is a Geoduck

Yep it really looks like that.  Wikipedia claims that it’s edible, but I assume that means only in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

As for their team, they’re 1-2 on the year against three teams I’ve never heard of.  Their big scorer is Kyle Calhoon averaging 24 PPG.  So watch out Utah.  They have three other players averaging in double figures, Mark Taylor, KJ Hong and Michael Potter.  Their head coach is Arvin Mosley Jr. who in his four seasons at Evergreen is 11-70.  Yes 11-70.  Way to schedule Larry.  This team makes me long for the days of High Point.

So there you have it, we play a terrible basketball game from a hippie school who doesn’t give two turds about athletics.

Seriously Utah Athletics is making you people pay money to see this.