Utah Hoops: I Feel Nothing


Oct 17, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Utah Utes forward Jordan Loveridge at media day at Pac-12 Network Studios. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even during the Larry era, during which I’ve had several issues with Utah basketball (as anyone who reads knows by now), I’ve at least looked forward to basketball with morbid curiosity if nothing else.  But I really feel ambivalent this year.  And I think I’ve pinpointed why.

And before many of you run to tell me how excited you are, allow me to point out that paid attendance for the exhibition was 7,191.  Seems not many new faces felt the need to buy season tickets.

For the first two years of the Larry era, it was pretty clear we were awful, so one could watch to either see how awful we were or to see if we could over come the awfulness.  But this year is different.  This team is not entirely devoid of talent although how much talent remains to be clear.

And I think there is the problem.

We’ll have very little idea of what this team is until January.  Sure there are the games against BYU and Boise, but then there are 10 really terrible teams on the schedule.  (Tony Jones claimed Ball St., was no slouch, I would disagree, I would say Ball St. is a tremendous slouch and thanks to the writers of Caddyshack for that joke).   Utah has one road game (at Boise).  Is that really a way to get ready for the Pac-12 grind.

I wish I felt something about this season, but this schedule has left me feeling nothing.  Hopefully I’ll feel different in two months.