Utah Football: Man It Sucks Guessing


Oct 26, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Travis Wilson (7) is hit as by USC Trojans defensive end J.R. Tavai (58) as he throws a pass during first quarter action at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I am really pretty happy with Utah Football.  I know a lot of people are not, but I am.  This season was really going to shine right before we had one too many injuries on offense.  That is just bad luck and what are you going to do.

But now I’ve got to talk about the Utes and I right now I’m kind of left guessing.  And it’s because of one thing, the U’s bizzare interpretation of the injury policy.  No other school in the country leaves everyone guessing about injuries like the U does.  And I’m not sure why they’re doing it.

The first response is to say it’s to get some coaching advantage.  But does it really?  I mean you say all week Travis Wilson is going to play, the other team prepares for Travis Wilson.  Then come Saturday, Wilson cannot go, how is Utah at an advantage.  It’s not like the Utes are bringing on a better player.

And not that the coaches really care, but it leads to a lot of frustration and wild speculation among fans about what is really going on.

So here we are headed to Arizona St. wondering what the Utes will put out on offense.  But this wondering doesn’t give Utah an advantage.  It’s not like ASU is going to go holy shit, they’re playing Adam Schulz, we have no plan for this.

Instead we’re left to try and diagnose how bad Mr. Wilson’s hand is based upon some video from the ASU game and the way he’s played.

And quite frankly, that sucks.

Not to mention, pointless.