Spencer Jack: Why Utah Will Win A Bowl Game


Oct 19, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Adam Schulz (12) is tackled by Arizona Wildcats free safety Jourdon Grandon (26) during the fourth quarter at Arizona Stadium. Arizona beat Utah 35-44. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: This is the latest piece from Spencer Jack, the new staff writer at Hoyo’s Revenge and Brand Ambassador for Utah for Fancred.  If you get a chance check out Fancred, it’s pretty cool.

The loss in Tucson on Saturday night was hard. As fans, I think we took it harder than the team did. We had unreal expectations after the Stanford game. That isn’t to take away the ability that this team has to win nearly every game on their schedule. But come on, we were never going to get to 9 wins.

Since the loss to a below average Arizona team happened, suddenly Ute fans are throwing away this season comparing it to 2012. Yeah Shulz reminds us a lot of Hays and the offense is significantly weaker without Travis. But let’s not forget that we have a few absolute studs at running back. It’s not time, just yet, to throw this offense out the window. McCarron has managed to get himself into the Heisman conversation all because of the defense and running game that Alabama has had. Utah doesn’t need an all-out playmaker at quarterback this year. All we need is a game manager who can throw to check down receivers and throw out of play-action.

With or without Wilson, this will still be a good offense. Now Dennis will have an entire week to prepare with either Shulz or Manning (hopefully we don’t have to burn a redshirt) so look for a simplified offense throughout the game in Southern California.

The Utes should have no problem getting to and winning a bowl game. Saturday’s game is very winnable with the struggling USC offense. No, I wouldn’t bet on Utah to win this one, but it’s possible. As long as Hays isn’t under center…or Grady for that matter. Shulz will be just fine. All he needs to do is be a game manager. And come on, he’s got more talent than recent backup quarterbacks that we’ve had to depend on.

My pick is 3-2 for Utah. Shulz will get sacked in the endzone. But the USC offense shouldn’t trouble us too much. Andy will hit a 37 yard game winner from the left hash….hopefully he doesn’t get put in that situation.