Utah v USC: Who Is The QB?


Oct 19, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Travis Wilson (7) looks for an open receiver to pass to during the first quarter against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

So we’ve heard the Monday Utah press conference and this is what we’ve learned.

Travis Wilson’s hand/thumb is not broken.  No one has a time table for the cut and we don’t know who the QB will be on Saturday, whether it’s Wilson, Schulz or a new name was mentioned, Connor Manning.

So it seems between the doctors and the coaching staff there are going to be some decisions that need to be made.

And here is what is at the center of the problem.  Cuts like what Mr. Wilson have are very delicate.  I think we all saw that he wasn’t right at all in the Arizona game even before the new injury happened.  So we need his hand to heal not just enough to tape up but enough to both allow him to get his touch back and so that it won’t rip open again.  And that takes time.

How much time, well the answer my friends is blowin’ in the wind.

So the choice is, just go with Wilson and hope, go with Schulz for a week and hope or bring on young Mr. Manning, give Wilson to Oregon to heal and of course hope.  It’s like being trapped between a rock, a hard place and another hard place.

Personally, my thought is this, especially down as many weapons as we are on offense, I don’t think Schulz has enough talent to get us a win.  Manning is young, but he has talent and I think giving him most of the reps, he could be enough to beat USC and give us a shot against Arizona St.  Admittedly it’s a gamble.  But I think getting to a bowl game is that important.

I guess we’ll know the coaches decision tomorrow.