Utah Football: The Thrill of Victory…


Oct 19, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Utah Utes wide receiver Anthony Denham (8) and Arizona Wildcats safety William Parks (11) fight for the ball during the fourth quarter against the Utah Utes at Arizona Stadium. Arizona beat Utah 35-44. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

…The Agony of Defeat

The Best of Times… The Worst of Times

(Insert your own cliche here)

Well what a difference a week makes.  A week ago were coming off the elation of smacking number five Stanford.  And boy it felt good.  And here we are today, sad and pissed of that we crapped the bed worst than Spud crapping the bed in Trainspotting.  (Note do not watch this if crap grosses you out)

You can’t spot anyone in the Pac-12 a half and expect to win.

So thoughts on the game.  First let me offer my theory on the Travis Wilson.  The hand was hurt worse than we thought at Stanford.  They tried to stitch it, tape it and numb it for Travis to go against Arizona.  It caused Travis to not be able to feel the ball very well and that is what caused his loss of touch.  Which leads to a problem.  A cut like that needs to heal.  Simply trying to go with it is going to cause the stitches to rip and the cut to reopen only causing more time to be needed for healing.

Now before you launch into a tirade about how we should have prepped Schulz, my thought is, the coaches clearly have no faith in him at all or they wouldn’t have rolled the dice with Wilson.  And I think we saw why, in that Schulz isn’t very good and our QB depth lies at true freshman or waiting for a year.  Now I’m not mad a Schulz just like I didn’t hate Jon Hays, he just doesn’t have the skill.  It’s like being mad at my 3 year old for being crappy at organic chemistry.

And that is the problem… How long does Wilson need.  Because if it’s the season we either have to burn a redshirt on Manning or Cox OR accept Schulz and probably not going to a bowl game.  If Wilson can be ready by ASU, we live with Schulz at USC, if not, well you’ve got to consider other options.

Because think about this, on the offensive side of the ball with Poole’s concussion issue we’ve lost Scott, Murphy, Tonga, Poole and now Wilson.  At some point you don’t have the talent to move forward on offense.  So what this week will bring will be interesting.

As for the defense, I thought they did pretty well all things considered.  Yeah Ka’Deem Carey ran wild but if the offense had held up their end, it would have been enough to win.  And I’ve come to believe, with these spread offenses, you just have to accept more yards and points than we used to.  Also I’m happy Carey will be in the NFL next year and not killing Utah.

Even Andy Phillips fell apart last night…

So I’ll talk about USC starting tomorrow.  Let me also say that I really thing Arizona is running a first class operation and their fans were great.  Also Rich Rod knew that game was live or die for Arizona and he went after it like it was a bowl game.  You have to give the Wildcats a ton of credit.

As for Utah, talk of Holiday Bowls has turned back to hoping for New Mexico Bowls.

Go Utes and Beat the Trojans…. Please.