Utah v Stanford: Gameday


Oct 3, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes fans cheering on Utah

Well here we are, fresh off the then #12 team in the nation on to play the #5 team in the nation and in a few weeks we get the #2 team in the nation.  Welcome to the Pac-12.

I said it a couple of days ago and I’ll say it again, I am wildly proud of this Utah football team.  This is a group that just fights.  No matter what adversity they’ve faced, this Utah team, offense or defense, just takes the field on the next series and tries to do whatever it can to make it right.  Utah turned the ball over five time times against a legit top 10 team in UCLA and if Jake Murphy just comes down a few inches closer, we’re going to OT.

So here we are against Stanford, a team that is truly the real deal.

And as I pointed out earlier in the week, my head is trying to prepare myself for a loss while my heart is screaming, THE UTES CAN WIN THIS GAME.

In the end, my head may be right and for where this football team is right now, there is no shame in that.  But I don’t think at any point for the last few years my heart would have been doing all of the screaming that it is.  And I don’t think that is changing ANYTIME SOON.

So whatever happens, happens today.  Tomorrow the sun will still rise in the East and the future for this Utah team will be very bright.

Now let me conclude with a few words about one of the “finest” in the Salt Lake radio market.  It seems Mr. David Lockheim (who now goes by Locke) who never went to Stanford, decided at some point he’s a big Stanford fan.  And he’s doing that thing that Lya did a few years ago when Ute fans had the audacity to think maybe we did deserve to be in the Sugar Bowl.  He seems almost angered that Utah fans are proud of this team and after our showing v UCLA, thinking maybe we have a shot.

How dare we?

Also never forget Ute fans, Locke once proudly said on the radio that Andre Miller would be nothing more than an average WAC point guard and that some guard at Utah St. would make a better pro.

The lesson should be maybe Stanford wins today, maybe they kick our ass, but it won’t be because Locke knew it was going to happen.  Blind pigs find truffles too.

So sometime later this evening, I hope you’re all reading my victory column.

Go Utes.