Utes Lose To UCLA


Oct 3, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes fans cheering on Utah

You aren’t throwing six picks and winning.

But at the same time I’m not wildly upset about this team.  There are a lot of things going right.  Tonight wasn’t Wilson’s best effort but several of those picks weren’t on him.  He’ll learn from this and get better and when we aren’t playing teams with amazing QB’s, Wazzu, CU, Arizona, USC I’m looking at you, its going to pay dividends.

And how about the defense tonight.  Seriously at halftime some fool called for Sitake to be fired.  They played lights out and with our backs against the wall they gave us every chance.

After last season when it felt we weren’t there, this season just feels different to me.  So if you’re one of those folks trying to sell that we’re not going to win again or whatever hater thought you’re having.  I’m not buying.  This team is getting there, they just need a couple of fewer mistakes and learn how to win and we’ll be very good.

So if I could say anything, its this.  UCLA is good, really good, probably a top ten team.  And we stood toe to toe with them and shut them down for a half when no one else has.  Be proud of that.  And if you don’t think that isn’t going to translate to wins (well maybe not next week vs Stanford) very soon, you’re kidding yourself.

I’ll have more tomorrow and I’ll be introducing our new staff writer with his perspective as well.  But I’m just not bummed tonight.