Oh Bye Week…


Sorry I haven’t given you my needed wit and wisdom for a couple of days, sometimes life gets in the way.  I guess that’s why my bosses want me to have a staff.  So if you think you’d like to be an unpaid blogger working for the coolest Ute site out there, email me at hoyosrevenge@gmail.com.  Sense of Humor required.

But to get back to the point, this bye week, unlike many has given us a couple of stories that are oddly fascinating.

First I have to talk about the news that Penn St. is getting a penalty reduction.  And all I have to say is….


So let me get this straight NCAA, USC has a player take money.  You give them crippling scholarship reductions so that they’ll be somewhere from average to bad for a decade.  And you never look back.

Penn St. had institutional wide enabling of a child rapist.

Both schools do a ton of things to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  But only the child rape school gets a scholarship reduction?


I can’t even begin to imagine the thought process that led to this one.  I mean are we really rewarding Penn St. for not enabling a child rapist?  Isn’t it a pretty basic thing for any institution to not enable child rapists.  Does anyone ever hold a press conference to say, “this year no children were raped by anyone in our athletic department.”

I’ve been inclined to say that I don’t really buy into athletes getting money because they get a ton of things in the form of scholarships etc… but it’s nonsense like this that makes the NCAA lose credibility in any argument.  What a load.

Now the second story is the one that just won’t seem to die.

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, or if you haven’t been in a coma, that BYU player was suspended for having drunken parties with strippers.  I won’t rehash the whole thing except to comment on the latest development.

Jeff Benedict who works for a private LDS college in Virginia and who is very clearly a BYU fan, issues a BYU press release wrote an article for Sports Illustrated showing Hadley’s redemption because he admitted that he regularly partied with strippers after he was caught.  Now the article is a load of nonsense, let me tell you why.

First, Hadley doesn’t have courage, he was caught.  Courage is coming forward when no one knows what you’ve done wrong.  What Hadley did was all about Hadley trying to get to play football.  Acting in ones self-interest is fine, but let’s don’t call it courage.

Second, the piece tries to make Hadley out to be a victim, especially at the end with his parents rambling on about mistakes.  Hadley willingly posted for a picture with strippers, holding a bottle of Dom Perignon.  I’ve lost sympathy for people who take photos of themselves that get posted on the internet and they’re mad.  It’s 2013, you know what’s going to happen.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A BYU PLAYER WHO IS GETTING BUSY IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM.

Third, a story about a player being redeemed four days after he was caught? SERIOUSLY?

Now I don’t really believe in public pronouncements of sorrow days after you get caught.  What I like to see is someone acting right over time.  There wasn’t even a weekend for Hadley to be tempted before the author interviewed the Hadleys.  And maybe if I read this a year from now, and the kid has acted right, I would have some feeling other than, “oh this is a LOAD OF SHIT.”

Here is the thing, Hadley partied with strippers.  Other than a few jokes really this is nothing.  But a story days later trying to turn Hadley into a martyr and a faith promoting story.  Don’t piss on me and tell me its raining.