Utah v TDS: Final Thoughts


Sep 21, 2013; Provo, UT, USA; Utah Utes wide receiver Dres Anderson (6) cannot catch a pass while defended by Brigham Young Cougars defensive back Robertson Daniel (4) at Lavell Edwards Stadium. Utah Utes defeated Brigham Young Cougars 20-13. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

So I’ve taken most of the day to consider and reconsider what I saw last night.  I’ve read coverage and opinions from the Trib and D-News.  I think I’ve come to a few solid conclusions.

This is a clutch Utah team that is probably a year away in the Pac-12.  But I think the approach that Whit and CO. is working, but we’re just going to need a little more patience.  I think this defense is growing up fast and it’s going to get us a game we won’t have any business winning.  And Travis Wilson and this offense, honestly we owe a debt to Dennis Erickson.

Erickson called a fantastic game last night.  Doing just enough to get points and keep the Utah Defense off the field enough that it could rest.  And Kalani Sitake deserves just as much credit for the defensive plan.  He forced BYU out of what they wanted to do and if Eric Rowe doesn’t get that penalty, (which I think was a crap call considering all that they let go, JD Falsev and Cody Bills I’m looking at you) the Utes hold BYU to six points.

I was wildly proud of this team after both the USU and OSU games.  I was proud because they fight and it felt like maybe that hadn’t been around as much in the last couple years.  I think 2014 is Utah’s year and the experience this team games will pay big dividends.

As for BYU, I don’t get what is going on there.  How do you have QB’s who can’t throw a forward pass.  Jon Hays is wildly more accurate than Taysom Hill.  Hill isn’t a dual threat because he can’t pass.  Why is this kid your QB?  Further, what is this trying to run 7000 plays thing.  It feels like a gimmick and I’m not sure it helps you or certainly doesn’t against quality teams.  Maybe they’re caught between a rock and a hard place, they have enough bad teams that convince them this could work, only to see it blow up.

If I were BYU I might reconsider everything I’m doing and maybe look to Stanford as a model.  But after last night, they’re not my problem.  I will say Van Noy is the real thing.

As for where this season goes, I don’t know but I’m excited.  Our next two games will tell us a great deal more.  But this team is built on a solid foundation, although the payoff might be a year away.