Utah v TDS: Spencer Hadley Comments


So later today, this weeks debate about which fan base sucks more will be interrupted by a football game.

But judging from the way you kids have come to my blog simply to read the text of a deleted posts from Cougarboard, I’m going to give you some information that I’ve heard about this situation from a few sources that I trust and then you can all decide for yourselves.

But first a couple of disclaimers:

1. No BYU fans I’m not out to get you, see my coverage of our own swim scandal and basketball program and you’ll know I’ve gone after the Utah AD much harder.

2. Ute fans, things like this can whip back on Utah harder and faster than you ever think, so have a laugh (because it is funny), enjoy the game and then buckle in for the Pac-12 schedule.  We don’t need to deal with BYU for nearly 3 years after today.

Now what I’ve heard and trust.

1. This tip quite likely was NOT from a Utah fan despite what it says.  The IP address of the email was a Las Vegas IP and not Utah.  A source I trust say this is a former friend of Hadley’s and likely has something to do with a girl.

2. This was not an isolated incident.  Trips like these to Vegas have been fairly regular for years now.

3. BYU needs to cut ties with this booster in a hurry.  Or join the SEC because that guy is bad news for a program.  A party like that at a Vegas strip club almost certainly ran north of $10,000.  If the guy is willing to pay for that, imagine what else he’d do.

4. Hadley was not even the only player at that party and certainly not the only current player to make this trip.  There would be several other suspensions but there are no photos of the other players.  This would lend credence to point one.  I was given some names, but I only have one source on them so I am not going to name them here.

Now for my thoughts on the situation.

This and the stupid baptism video (that had nothing to do with BYU or mocking the LDS church) are the reason I hate this rivalry.  This week I saw a high school kid hope that Van Noy breaks Travis Wilson leg and a poster on Cougarboard hoped the Utah Compliance Officer gets cervical cancer.  Utah and BYU and a bad, mutually abusive couple and we need a divorce.

Stop yelling at the Utah Compliance Officer.  She didn’t contact the NCAA (with what sounds like a serious NCAA violation) she called BYU as a professional courtesy, alerting them to a problem they have.  This is done ALL THE TIME and was likely the right thing to do.  Would you have rather this exploded in some other way?

If it was in fact a Ute fan, yeah the guy is a jerk.

But at the end of the day, this is on Hadley.  Doesn’t anyone realize the world we live in?  Everyone has a camera.  Deadspin exists solely because of this reason.  Somehow a guy who agreed to go to BYU and follow their rules thought he could get away with this with no one seeing.  It’s incredible to think he was that dumb.

So those are my last comments on this soap opera unless there are more developments.

Now what were we here for… oh yeah a football game.