Spencer Hadley: The Full Cougarboard Text


Yesterday, Hoyo’s Revenge posted a Google cache of what was a post on Cougarboard about why TDS linebacker Spencer Hadley was suspended for five games.  I was told that since that time the Google cache has too been deleted.  Since this story has been so widly popular with so many of you.  Here is the full text of the now deleted post.

As I said before, I don’t know if it is true, I have no source on this.  I just find Cougarboard posts wildly entertaining sometimes.  However here is an interesting thing.  This post was put up a full day before ANYONE knew anything was happening.  That kind of makes me think this post is in the ballpark somehow. Further we know the Trib and D-News hold sensitive stories in exchange for maintaining access for both schools.  But like I said, judge for yourself.

"We are hearing that Salt Lake Tribune/University of Utah have pictures of Spencer Hadley partying frequently in Las Vegas at an MGM Nightclub and the Spearmint Rhino Strip Club. The Tribune has pictures as recent as last night of Hadley in Vegas with BYU booster Jacob Stocking. The NCAA is launching an investigation in regards to trips on Stockings private jet, Cash loans paid to Hadley, the use of Stockings vehicles, staying in high priced Vegas Suites, indulging in Champagne parties with Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress’s. Also reports of the use of the Drug (Molly) and Alcohol use among Hadley. We will see how Coach and our AD’s handle this situation. Hadley reportedly seen trying to catch a flight back this morning out of Vegas but missed his flight. Nice to see that one of our Linebackers is ready for the Utes. I would hate to see the Cougars lose the season to one selfish player. Not what we would expect out of one of our Senior LB’s who just recently returned from a Mission. I hope this clears the air before the weekend."