Bestest Pac-12 Power Poll Ever


Here is the Hoyo’s Revenge Bestest Pac-12 Power Poll Ever.

1. Oregon- After smacking down the Vols, should we ask, is West Coast Speed faster than Southern Speed?

2. Stanford- Did you know David Shaw gave a Ted Talk?

3. UCLA- They started a very bad week for Bo Pelini.

4. ASU- Ok they got a massive assist on their win, but it still counts till someone beats them.

5. Washington- Spokane and Gonzaga Prep’s Bishop Sankey is blowing up.

6. Arizona- I’m not sure we know what Arizona is and won’t until they go to Washington on the 28th.

7. Wazzu- They’re undefeated, where else should I rank them.

8. USC- Their fans seem to be strutting a bit after beating BC.  Lets see how they handle Chuckie Heisman.

9. Oregon St.- Huge gut check game vs Utah.

10. Utah- Needed that OSU win, TDS game is a must win probably for a bowl game now.

11. Colorado- Just stay safe, we’ll get snarky about you again next week.

12. Cal- Playing fast doesn’t equal playing good.  See Cal.