Halftime- It Could Be Worse


First, Utah is 2-0 and people are booing in the early 2nd quarter of the 3rd game?  Every one of you is an idiot and should punch yourself in the face.

As for the game, well it couldn’t have started worse.  Utah looked like last season, not much offense, poor field position, unable to get stops.

But it could be worse.  The offense woke up a bit.  And we get the ball in the 2nd half.

This game is going to come down to two things, the offense continuing to be able to move and the defense finding a way to get some stops or some turnovers (both would be nice).

We’re down 10 but I think we should be hopeful right now.

If we could come out and get a TD, things would be A LOT better.

So get ready for the second half and…