Utah Football: OSU Game Thoughts


So we’ve already talked about how big this game is for Utah on Saturday.  Now let’s look at what needs to be done.

What concerns me about a team like OSU is that they are going to go into wounded animal mode.  The Beavers are 1-1 and have not looked good in either game.  They have suspensions and injuries which add to the problem.  Losing to Utah and opening the Pac-12 0-1 would essentially put their season in a spiral.  Essentially they’re wounded and backed against a wall.  Too many times I’ve seen a team like that come out and save their season.

So what Utah needs to do is clear.  The Utes have to come out and step on the Beavers necks.  We have to give them a reason to say, this game is just like the others and you might as well lay down and die.  For that to happen, we need to have the offense click early, which might be the one criticism you could truly offer up about things right now.  Even against Weber St., it took a little bit to get going.

For the defense, we need to see the team that closed the game against Chuckie Heisman and Utah St.  Reilly and Orchard wreaking havoc would be a big help here.

If the Utes are the team I believe they are, this is a game that they should and will win.  But they cannot allow Oregon St. to hang around in this game and give them a chance to believe they can save their season into the 4th quarter.

Come out and open big, and by the end of Saturday night, Utah will be 3-0 heading to play the Team Down South.