Ute Hoops: Our Schedule Blows


Every one knows I have some issues with our basketball program.  The Larry Lapdogs think that I’m just out to get their lord and savior, but I’m really not.  I just want a basketball program that isn’t essentially pissing on us and telling us it’s raining.  So what remains both disappointing and frustrating is how they manage to do something right, like recruiting, and then throw up a schedule like this.

If you haven’t seen the basketball schedule here it is… (and it’s a humdinger)

If you want to see what national people think of the schedule.  Here is one link from ESPN.  And here is a quote from Jeff Goodman, also at ESPN…

"This nonconference schedule is pretty bad, although not Pittsburgh bad. The Utes play Boise on the road and BYU at home, but here’s the rest — and take into account that these are all home games. Evergreen, UC Davis, Grand Canyon, Lamar, Savannah, Ball State, Fresno, Idaho State, Texas State and St. Katherine."

So we have a better schedule than Pitt, so we’ve got that going for us.

Now I sort of guess I maybe get the horrid schedule last year (I really don’t but it’s not an argument I want to have right now) but this one is not excusable.  How does Larry and Co. not book at least one serious team that they weren’t forced to?  And how do they not go on the road more than one time (and only to Boise)?

When Oregon comes to town and then we head to Washington, are we going to be possibly prepared for these environments, let alone at the power schools?

The cynic in me says that this whole thing simply exists so that the illusion of progress can be created.

And the thing is, it’s not even necessary.  The Lapdogs are convinced that Larry could turn water into wine and most others (including myself) are at least encouraged by some of the recruiting.  So why the need to do this?

This schedule eliminates any chance at an NCAA birth.  And it’s certainly going to put us behind a lot of other teams when it comes to selections to other tournaments.  Not to mention being utterly unprepared for the Pac-12 schedule.

The illusion isn’t needed anymore.  It’s year three and the fans deserve more than a bunch of smoke and mirrors that we’re going to call wins.

We deserve to see that this team is made of before January.  Come on Larry, I’d like to think you’re better than this.