We seem to have more than a few fans who are looking past this weeks game to the battle with the Team Down South.


The OSU game is a much bigger deal.  It’s the Pac-12 opener.  This is a Beaver team that is reeling.  They lost to Eastern Washington.  They struggled with Hawaii.  This is a chance for us to make a little bit of a statement.  Utah can come out and say to the rest of the Pac-12, hey we’re not an afterthought anymore.

Losing this game would be very bad for Utah.  After the Utes go to Provo they come back home for games against UCLA and Stanford.  Now while I personally think we’ll win one of those, we could play very well and still drop both games.  Losing to OSU would mean opening up the Pac-12 0-3.

Like I said, I cannot stress how very big this game is.

And that doesn’t even point out that losing to OSU would be a big blow to how far I think this team has come.  Right now I don’t think the Beavers are nearly the team that Utah St. is.  I would hate to go to bed next Saturday night knowing that Utah St. is a fraud and we just might be too.

So if you have tickets.  Get to your seat early.  Get loud.  Because while it’s only the third game of the season, this one will have a MUCH LARGER bearing on the season than the game a week from now, which we all (me included) can’t seem to stop talking about.