Utes Sneak by Weber 70-7


Well what is there to say?

First lets give serious credit to the team for taking the FCS wins last weekend to heart.  It was a bit bumpy in the first quarter, if you can call a 14-0 quarter bumpy, but then Utah exploded.

Travis Wilson, who entered the season more than a little maligned threw for 264 yards and ran for 91 more and accounted for five touchdowns.  Can we all settle down and admit we have a QB.  A QB who can run a read option and has a little bit of speed.  The Angry Giraffe as I like to call him, is looking like he just might be special.  It is really great to see.

Next game balls essentially go to everyone.  Lucky Radley gets 100 in the 2nd half.  Adam Schultz looks like he could come in and run the offense if need be.  It looks like we’ll certainly be able to get some redshirts on our QB’s.

It’s also very clear the defense did a great deal of work holding Weber to 43 yards rushing and just over 200 yards of total offense.

Admittedly it was Weber St. but it feels really good to get this game.

Next week we take another step to see how good we are when the Oregon St. Beavers come to town.

And as a personal comment, doesn’t this team just have a feel about it that we haven’t felt for a few years.  I mean we’re not going to run the table, but this team has talent and it has heart.  Plus it looks like it has some depth.  I think we should buckle in Ute fans, this season might be A WHOLE LOT more fun than many of you thought.