Utah Football: Week One Wrap Up (and other thoughts)


After thinking about the Utes opener and looking at the results from this weekend, I am even happier with the win over Utah St.  Utah St. is a team custom made to beat a team like Utah early in the season.  Utah has a new offense, a new secondary, in fact a lot of new faces everywhere.  Utah St. had something like 18 returning starters and a real talent at QB.  Making adjustments and gutting out that 2nd half, well that is going to pay a LOT of dividends down the road.

Now a word about Weber St.  A lot of people are running around screaming BE WARNED UTES.  Stop it.  Weber is not EWU or NDSU.  We’re going to take care of business and be 2-0 as the suddenly vulnerable looking Oregon St. Beavers come to town.

As for what went on around the rest of the Pac-12, as I said above, Oregon St. fans must be freaking out.  USC fans are not much happier.  UCLA and Washington fans especially, must be crazy excited today.  Either Washington is really good or the foundation in Boise has begun to crack.  USU has to be looking for a MWC title now.  Wazzu looks improved but still quite capable of COUGIN’ IT.  Cal also put up an impressive fight.  I watched Arizona and while you should never turn your nose up at a shut out, they seemed pedestrian.  I think it would be wise to wait a few games before deciding what the Wildcats are.

A couple of other notes.  Wyoming looked good against Nebraska.  In fact, Wyoming had a drive to tie or win, but the officials saw fit to save Nebraska via holding calls.

And finally to my BYU readers.  I didn’t see your game so I can’t comment other than to say that was a game you should win.  I will ask a question and don’t take it as a troll.  Are you running an offense that you’re not capable of running?  I mean it works against the down teams on your schedule, but against anyone with BCS speed and decent coaching, it shuts down.  Just Food For Thought.

In conclusion, Utah should be happy, OSU sad and the MWC has some interesting things going on.