Utah Utes v USU Aggies Halftime Report


A good first quarter turned into a nightmare of a second quarter.  The Utah offense has frozen and sputtered.  The running game isn’t going and it seems we’ve gone away from the quick passes that we had success with early.  Travis Wilson has looked good but the offensive line isn’t what I hoped for right now.

As for the defense, we can’t just sit there and let Keeton pick us apart.  I think the Aggies are willing to commit some turnovers if we just up the pressure.  I don’t get letting Keeton just pick us apart right now.

The second half, we need the O-line to step up and make the run game go.  The defense has to do a little more of putting pressure on Keeton.

USU is feeling it right now, I hope Utah has enough pride to come back out and take back this game.