Q&A With Utah Recruit Isaiah Wright


Isaiah Wright is a PG for Borah High in Boise Idaho.  He is one of the 2014 targets for the University of Utah.  Our friends over at West Coast Convo here on the fine Fansided.Com network recently did an interview with him and I thought you Utah folks would enjoy it.  But before I give you the link, a word of caution.  Certain Utah fans and bloggers have been running around saying that this kid is essentially the next Andre Miller.  Before you buy that, look at the schools that have offered him.  Also notice the absence of schools in our conference that have offered him.

Now I don’t say any of this to insult the kid.  He’s clearly quite talented and may go on to be Jason Kidd.  It’s more of a cautionary tale, warning you to avoid the hype that so many try to sell about every single recruit.  Don’t listen to the cheerleaders.

Having said all of that, please enjoy a Q&A with Utah Recruit Isaiah Wright.