Utah Football: It’s Game Week


Hey Kids.

First to get some housekeeping out of the way.  Yes I’m back.  My new son is healthy and doesn’t ever stop eating and I’ve been very tired, so I haven’t blogged.  But it’s not like there was a ton to blog about.  How should I say for the 93rd time that I think things are going to be good but we won’t really know until we start playing?

I could have talked about how annoying Crazy Lady is.

But it’s game week and in a few short days we’ll have a great many answers about this Utah football team.

Let’s talk about some general things.

WE WILL NOT LOSE THIS GAME.  Or at least we have no business losing this game.  Yes I know I’ve had Utah St. fans tell me with a straight face that their Heisman Candidate will crush us and they are on their way to being the best team in the state and that pigs really can fly.  But lets deal in reality for one moment.  This has nothing to do with conference affiliation or anything else, Utah should always come out and take care of business at home against Utah St.

As for will we come out and take care of business, yes I feel quite comfortable that we will.  Little more could have gone wrong last season.  Blocked punt puts the Aggies up 7-0.  Fumble gives them a short field 13-0.  Jordan Wynn’s shoulder explodes for the final time.  John White hurts his ankle and so on.  We only game up one real drive to Chuckie Heisman and it still too one of the worst calls EVER, not to mention a missed winning FG for the Aggies to survive.

And if we do lose, well it would be time to start asking some fundamental questions about this program.  Because this is a game we have to come out and take care of business.