Utah Football: The Dog Days of Camp


Today was not a great day in fall camp.

But if you’re reading the practice reports of Hans Olsen of all people, it’s kind of designed to be that way.  As Hans explains its a tough time right now.  The newness of camp has worn off but it’s still too far from the season.  Things aren’t perfect yet, especially with a new offense going in and the coaches are letting everyone know it’s not good enough yet.

For the players the frustration of sets in.

But as I tried to point out in my tips for reading fall practice reports, don’t take any one day too seriously.  The Utes have a lot of work to do and it’s clear in post practice interviews that Kyle is not going to over sell this team.

That’s a long way of saying, don’t panic.

As for the practice itself, it seemed pretty ragged.  Travis Wilson was held out again over than ankle tweak, AS A PRECAUTION.  In the meantime, Connor Manning has battled himself into the fight for back up.  Honestly, I think it’s best for young Mr. Manning to redshirt, but it is very nice to see how quickly he’s caught on to all of this.

As for bad news, Jarrell Oliver and Steve T. are gone for the year with foot issues and Tevin Carter did not qualify.