Utah Football: Monday Updates


Here we are entering week two of Utah Football and there are a few pieces of news.  The offense had a solid scrimmage on Saturday.  Travis Wilson has good velocity but tends to under throw the deep ball, but not for lack of arm strength.  Some people are taking this as a time to panic about the offense, but I think things are moving forward as expected.  Offense is like making a delicate stew, you have to put the right ingredients together and then let them simmer, it takes time.  Talk to me a week from Saturday to see if we should hit the alarm bells.

Here is a good article about depth chart changes.

The Pac-12 has gone on the offensive against Direct TV.  Now I know some people want to blame the Pac-12 for Direct TV not carrying the Pac-12 Network, but this one is all about Direct TV being asshats.  The market for the Pac-12 Network was set when Dish and every major cable network agreed to pay what they are paying.  Direct TV is trying to draw some line in the sand about sports programming, but considering they way they’re offering up freebies to try and keep people, I think they’re moving closer to cracking.

And lets be frank, Direct TV carried The Mtn for GOD SAKES, they can make room for the Pac-12 Network.

And finally what would be great news is if Latu Hemuli can stay healthy and make a BIG TIME contribution to the defensive line.