Utah Football: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Yesterday


Yesterday was a strange day in Football in the State of Utah.

The Good: Kyle said that Travis Wilson had his best day of practice and is really starting to understand the new offense.  Kelvin York is looking like the MAN at RB and we have some talent behind him as well.  Paul will make an excellent LB as long as the NCAA clears him.

The Bad: Reshawn Hooker suffered a concussion and as a result will take a medical retirement.  Brian Blechen’s tendinitis in his knees may force a redshirt.  Carlos Lozano, struggling with his weight, has left the team.

The Bad had forced Utah fans to ignore the good and many of us began suffering post traumatic flashbacks from last season, until…

The Ugly:  Bronco Mendenhall, without consulting the players announced that instead of last names, BYU jerseys would have Spirit, Honor or Tradition on the back.  He said as long as he was coach, those words would be on the jersey.  Apparently that statement came with a disclaimer that said, “Not Valid If Entire Fanbase Rebels.”  And Rebel they did.  Within a few hours Bronco announced that it would only be for Homecoming.  We did learn that some BYU fans in fact have a sense of humor.

I’ll be back later today with some tips about what to look for when we’re going to pads.