Utah Football: 1st Practice Report via Lya-Tron 3000


Editors Note: We’re bringing you an exciting new feature here at Hoyo’s Revenge, we’ll run some of our practice reports via the Lya-Tron 3000 which will give you the unique perspective that can sometimes only be found in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Trouble already exists on the first day of practice for the University of Utah Football team.  The team was so wildly unprepared that they did not even have pads.  The first issue is that there is a full blown quarterback controversy.  Coach Kyle Whittingham attempted to dismiss this by saying that this was Wilson’s position to lose, but Wilson himself said it was a competition.  It’s clear there is turmoil here.

As for the running back situation, I didn’t actually watch them but my sense is that no one can even hold onto the ball and all of them are very slow.

The defense was so poor today that they did not make one single tackle in the entire practice.

In short one has to wonder if it isn’t time to sound the alarm bells for Ute fans as they may not even defeat Weber St., considering how today’s practice went.  I’ll have more for you tomorrow from this ongoing debacle.