Utah Football: One More Reason To Be Positive


I just keep getting a very good feeling about this Ute season.

First, I have to give credit for today’s reason to the guys from the Utah Scout site, who have always been good to me.

On twitter, once of them pointed out that in six of our seven losses we were with 10 points at the half.  The worst deficit being down 10 points to Utah St.  And of course we all know the seventh game was the disaster at Arizona St.

So think about this kids, despite everything that went wrong last year, we were in most games at half time, and the only one that really got away from us in the 2nd half was Washington.

Now a lot of things fed into that.  Our offense was inconsistent in moving the ball for a variety of reasons, most of which will be improved this season.  And if York and the rest of the running backs can deliver something, then the improvement could be shocking.  Second, our defense struggled to get turnovers and stops, leaving our offense with a lot of long fields.  Kyle saw improving this as a point of emphasis and I’d be shocked if it was not better.  And that leaves out that we played a great deal of youth last year and that will pay off.

I know some of you are going to stay in your cynical mood, but there really is a great deal to look forward too this Ute season.

Turn that frown upside down jerk.