Utah Utes Basketball: It Seems We Have a Schedule


I say it seems we have a schedule because the U hasn’t made an official announcement.  If you want to see the schedule, go either to the U’s official monthly athletics calendar (actually you can’t go here because the U has taken the games down).  But thanks to RYP86’s diligence, he has saved what Tony Jones confirmed was the schedule.  Take a look at it here.

Are you done?

Now I’m just going to say, I straight up don’t get this.  I maybe, sort of, understood last year.  But this is year three, don’t you at some point want to know something about your team beyond trips to Tulane and Boise.  Shouldn’t we try and stretch our legs against the Big10 or Big12, even ACC once or twice, just to see where we are?  I mean despite my best efforts (a joke, lighten up people) Larry has a ton of goodwill in the tank.  Couldn’t he take a shot here?

And second, if you’re going to make a schedule like that, isn’t it really inexcusable to not to play Weber and USU?

Now to tell you a few things about our schedule.

The exhibition team we play, St. Martins and our first real opponent, Evergreen St. are in Olympia WA.  I wonder if any DI school has ever played both in the same season.  Also if we’re playing St. Martin’s why not Westminster?

St. Katherine’s, whom we finish the OOC schedule with is in their inaugural season of basketball.  They are located in Encintas, CA which is near San Diego and their mascot is the Firebird.

Grand Canyon is a for profit college and that pisses off the Pac-12 presidents.

Savannah St. lost scholarships for a horrid APR yet still managed to be crappy.

I could go on but I think everyone gets the point.  Unless there is an improvement, this OOC is puzzling and I think fair to say, quite awful.