Utah Utes Football, It’s Weird Having QB Talent…


Last week Utah landed another serious QB talent, Donovan Isom from of all places Louisana.  This adds to an already impressive roster of QB’s that includes starter Travis Wilson, incoming freshman Connor Manning, Micah Thomas and Brandon Cox and walk-on turned scholarship guy Adam Schultz.  As a Ute fan it’s a little difficult to accept that we have this much talent.

In the mid-1990’s, we had a guy named Mike McCoy land in our laps when Long Beach St. dropped football.  Since then we’ve had Mike Fouts, Darnell Arceneaux, Johnathon Crosswhite, T.D. Crowshaw and last and probably least, Lance Rice take snaps for us.  Thank God for no one liking Alex Smith in high school and Urban Meyer finding Bryan Johnson or this would have been an ugly ugly drought.

To make a couple of defenses, I liked Darnell Arceneaux, it’s just that he was made from paper.  And I really like Jordan Wynn but the same, perhaps even more so can be said for him.  The rest of those guys…. WOW THAT WAS some bad quarterbacking.  Lance Rice did something so stupid at the end of an Air Force game my memory won’t actually let me recall the play exactly.  Johnathon Crosswhite had a learning disability which caused him problems processing information visually (I’m not making that up).  So if you recall like I do, Johnathon standing on the field with his arms in the air wondering what the play was, now you know why.

We got into the QB mess we were in the past few seasons because of a few serious wiffs on quarterbacks combined with the hope that Wynn would stop being injured.  It’s clear by all the talent in the stable now that Kyle has made this a point to never be a problem again.

So for the first time in quite a long time, I’m going to sit back and breath, as we aren’t praying for one QB to stay healthy.