Utah Utes Football- Does Utah Want Colton Paulhus


Colton Paulhus was accused of a “savage beating” of some Colorado State Students while he played football there.

Colton Paulhus was thrown off the team for this incident.

On Saturday, according to his facebook page, Colton Paulhus will become a Ute.

The question is, does Utah want him?

First let me say I’m generally a guy who believes in second and third chances.  People, especially kids do stupid things and it shouldn’t end their lives.  Remember Pat Tillman viciously beat a kid while in high school and it nearly cost him his scholarship at Arizona St.  But when you hear terms like savage beating, well it does give one pause.

Second, it also tells me that the Utes are concerned about depth on the defensive line, in order to roll the dice like this.

As a rule, I generally back Coach Whittingham on these decisions.  He recently dismissed Quinton Pedroza and no one could possibly say that Utah football is an outlaw program.

Also there does seem to be something strange about this case.  All the players and one of the victims were charged with disorderly conduct and nothing more.  Now I don’t know if that was an agreement between attorneys or what, but I sure would like to know more about the case.

In the end, as long as he’s learned from his mistakes and is a good citizen, I’m ok with his 2nd chance coming at Utah.

Especially if it helps with depth on the defensive line.