Rumor- Chris Hill and The Swim Scandal


I was contacted by someone who claims to be close to the investigation of the Utah Swim Scandal and they provided me with some information.  Now I’m not entirely sure this is true, but the facts fit and it certainly feels like it could be true.  So I’ve decided to put this story out there and let you decide.

As it turns out Chris Hill was MUCH closer to losing his job over this scandal than they were selling at the press conference today.  It seems President Pershing was not happy for this scandal to hit his desk so soon after becoming President.  Not to mention nearly being swept up into it.  Especially because Greg Winslow should have been dismissed long before it was discovered he liked to have sex with 15 year old girls.

A decision was made essentially to allow Chris Hill to save face because of previous good works and deeds.  He would take a rebuke at the press conference today and give a mea culpa.  President Pershing would say he never considered dismissal and in exchange Dr. Hill would move up his retirement.  I was told we should look for an announcement from Dr. Hill that this will be his final year on the hill, sometime before Thanksgiving.  That will give President Pershing time to form a search committee and have a new athletic director in place by the end of next academic year, May 2014.

Like I said, this is a rumor and I’ve heard it exactly one place.  But like I said, I thought it was worthy of you kids hearing it.