The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the ACC Coastal


So the Coastal Division doesn’t have the depth that the Atlantic Division does.  But the top of this division has shocking #1 seed type talent.  Really fantastic.  Also my SEC friend always said that Ga Tech girls were not good looking, wow that man speaks the truth.

6. Georgia Tech- At least you have a great fight song.

5. Virginia- I would have thought the UVA squad would be better.  They’re not horrible but I had higher hopes.  UVA is a good school however so these gals don’t need the pretty so much.

4. Virginia Tech- I liked this squad, but I didn’t love them.

3. Duke- Now I have to hand it to these Duke girls, maybe the hottest smart school girls in the country.

2. North Carolina- Not much could be finer than these girls from Carolina.  I was sure they were going to win, until…

1. Miami (FL)- And then I saw Miami.  Do they just pick these girls from South Beach?