The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the ACC Atlantic


Ok I was originally going to gloss over the ACC.  I mean this cheerleader contest is football skewed, essentially killing time for football season.  And lord knows when you think football, you don’t think ACC.  But that would have been a disservice to you.  I’m only in one division and we have five quality squads.

6. Wake Forest- Five Quality Squads and Wake Forest.  Of course no one links the idea of Wake Forest and Hot Babe.  Thanks for coming Wake Forest.

5. North Carolina St.- Wow I feel bad for having NC State right here because there is very little wrong with these ladies.  This division is just so very good.

4. Clemson- I liked this group very much as well, in fact they we’re nearly number three except…

3. Boston College- BC got a bump here for being a Catholic school.  I mean generally these are very good schools but not exactly known for the ladies.  Not only that, it’s in Boston, not exactly a town known for the ladies.  Put those two together and you get a cheer squad like this, well good on ya BC.

2. Maryland- I have to say, Maryland surprised me as well.  I don’t know why I assumed Maryland girls would be ugly, but I was wrong.

1. Florida St- But we do have a clear winner in this division.  Just all around talent.