The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the Big Ten Leaders


Leaders, Legends, Legends, Leaders and it might all be going away, who knows.

All I know is that you like to look at cheerleaders and so that’s what I’m going to do.  Give you cheerleaders to look at.

Also, the final Cheerleader Wars Tournament is taking shape.  There will be 32 squads seeded by the Hoyo’s Revenge seeding committee.  Then the winner of each matchup will be determined by another committee, representing people from all over the nation.  God Willing we should be ready to seed next week.

So Get Pumped.

Today… The Big Ten Leaders.

6. Ohio State- Ok, first this division is impossible.  It’s essentially six squads that look exactly like each other.  So you have to fall back on other factors, such as The Ohio State has the most resources, so I expected better.

5. Wisconsin- I think Wisconsin falls down, because I really expected something more as well.

4. Illinois- I couldn’t make a decision between two, three and four here.  Of the group, Illinois was the least inspirational of the group.

3. Penn State- And then there is Penn St., which I was pleasantly surprised.  You never hear anyone go, you know who has sexy girls… Penn St.

2. Indiana- The Indiana girls just looked more wholesome somehow and that does it for me.

1. Purdue- Ok first Purdue is the clear winner of the group.  And second, how in the hell did that happen.  I mean the engineering school wins a group division.  WOW.