The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the Big Ten Legends


Ok it’s not clear to me who is even in the Big Ten right now, who is a Leader, who is a Legend or whether there are Legends or Leaders anymore.  We’re basing things off of last year because I said so.  That being said, I’m not sure I have high hopes for the Big Ten, then again who’d have thought Iowa St. would have the squad they do.  So lets start.

6. Northwestern- As we’ve pointed out at Vandy and Cal/Stanford, the girls at Northwestern are smart, being pretty isn’t important for them

5. Minnesota- You know how Minnesota never wins at anything.  That’s going to extend to cheerleading as well.

4. Michigan- Michigan is a school I expected more from.  When you have the resources you have to bring it and Michigan did not.

3. Nebraska- I had originally started out expecting more from Nebraska as well.  Then I thought, they can’t have that much instate talent to draw from and it has to be even harder to get pretty girls to Lincoln than talented football players.

2. Michigan St.- Here is Michigan St., with fewer resources and less respect kicking Michigan’s ass.

1. Iowa- First, I’m not sure about this Iowa over Michigan St. decision.  Both schools are very close and maybe upon further thought I might switch the positions.  That being said, what the hell is going on with the women of Iowa, very impressive.