Utah Swim Scandal- The Fiascone Report


Here is a link to an independent investigation conducted by the Matt Fiascone, the father of one of the whistle blower swimmers at Utah.  As you can see this report was published by Concussioninc.net who have been on top of this story from the beginning.  I urge you to read the report as it is pretty damning.

One thing I’m also noticing is the beginning of drum beats by all the usual suspects to say that this was much ado about nothing.  It’s something that folks in the state of Utah and not just at Utah, but BYU as well are truly masters at.  I call it the Utah Whisper Campaign.  I don’t know if it’s the unique cultural elements of Utah but when certain groups want to get stories or spin out, it’s always through one of these campaigns.

Essentially they’ll start from all the same people, someone who is known to have some level of access to the athletic hierarchy at Utah.  Then they tell the story to their friends saying where they got it but don’t say it to anyone.  The remarkable thing about these campaigns is how they stay remarkable on message.  Nothing at all like the whisper games we played as a kid.

The prime example of this was the Jim Boylen telling players to leave story.  Now their wasn’t a shred of truth to this and it’s been disproven nine ways to Sunday.  But it doesn’t matter, the story itself bought Larry a ton of goodwill when the program blew up upon him taking the job.   The people who started that story are now the same group who are trying to sell you all that you should move along from this swim story, that there is nothing to see here and that it was nothing but a couple of disgruntled swimmers.

Before you buy that story, just look at the other information that is out there, and think about what is plausible.