Utah Swim Scandal- Maricopa County, AZ will not file charges against Greg Winslow


Mandatory Credit: Andrew Carpenean-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the University of Utah has gotten another break in it’s efforts to whitewash err… conduct a full investigation finding all the facts concerning former swim coach Greg Winslow. Maricopa County prosecutor had determined he is too busy helping Sheriff Joe Arpaio violate federal law and hunt mexicans err… lacked sufficient evidence to move forward. This leaves Winslow free to continue abusing swimmers and having sex with teens…. allegedly.

Here is a link to the prosecutor’s statement.

Despite my sarcasm here, I suspected this might be the case. There is likely no physical evidence and no witnesses to what happened meaning its a he said-she said kind of situation that took place a few years ago.  That makes a conviction very difficult to obtain and it gives them the option that if something does surface, they could pursue it again.

UPDATE: Here is a link to a news story with the alleged victims father.  It seems Maricopa County did not move forward because they couldn’t prove Winslow’s advances on a 15 year old were unwanted.  That’s right, it’s ok to nail a 15 year old in Arizona as long as it’s consensual.   So there ya go.

As for the investigation… It’s been quite as a church mouse except for Matt Fiascone, the father of one of the whistle blowing swimmers, who simply won’t let the U make this scandal go gentle into that good night.

It also must have been a slow news day because a Salt Lake media outlet actually bothered to mention the scandal.  If you care, here is the report from Fox 13.

According to Fox 13, the U says they will have a report shortly and I think we can already tell how it’s going to read.  And then Utah fans can go back to ignoring this and wondering how the offense will look under Dennis Erickson.