The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the SEC East


First, here were THE SEC WEST rankings.

Some of you may be wondering, why I rank the divisions if I’m only going to bring them together.  Well two reasons really, first it lets me post more pictures and second I get to reconsider things, like the UCLA vs Arizona St. issue in the Pac-12.  I want to get this right.

And so to get it right, lets look at the SEC East.  And let me preface this with saying this might be the most difficult group to pick yet.

7. Missouri- When I was ranking the Pac-12, I placed Colorado dead last because being a BCS school for all that time, they should be doing much much better.  Missouri is a weirdly arrogant school for not doing much right.

6. Vanderbilt- These girls are smart and will all go one and be lawyers, engineers and doctors, so they don’t need to be hot.  That being said, I think they’re being all the Vandy they can be.

5. Kentucky- Easily the most disappointing squad, not because they aren’t hot but really I was just expecting Ashley Judd clones everywhere.  Instead we kinda got meh…

4. Florida- Ok here is where things get difficult.  These next four squads don’t have a lot separating them.  I think that is why Florida gets the fourth position, I really expected more out of the school that brought me errr, the world Erin Andrews.

3. Tennessee- I moved these ladies into the three position because there was just so much blond and orange that it made me happy.

2. South Carolina- The hardest single decision I’ve had to make.  South Carolina was so close to winning the SEC East.  I mean how do you not love girls who have so throughly embraced the word COCK.

1. Georgia- My SEC cheerleading consultant said that Georgia was just all around hot.  And I have to agree.  They have just a bit more of that je ne sais quoi, that gives them the SEC East Title.