Rumor: Utah Athletic Director Dr. Chris Hill To Florida St.


I’ve seen a rumor pop up a couple of places now so I thought it was worth throwing out there.  The rumor is… Dr. Chris Hill taking the Athletic Directors position at Florida St.

Let me start by saying I have no personal information to provide on this but thought it was worth letting people know.

It’s interests me because it follows something similar that former BYU AD Glen Tuckett did.  When he was nearing or at retirement age for BYU, Alabama was a mess and needed someone to come in and stabilize the place.  Tuckett was near or at 65 like Dr. Hill when this happened.  Plus with Utah getting into the Pac-12, Dr. Hill signature accomplishment is set as his his pension at Utah.  If he were to go to Florida St. for a few years, it would be a 2-3 times his Utah salary likely and a chance to work at one of the name programs in America.

Also last time around Florida St. did tap Randy Spetman from Utah St., so again it’s not out of the question.

As I said, all of this is message board rumor at this point, but I’ve seen it enough places it seemed worth of letting you kids know about it.

If this it for Dr. Hill, his will but an interesting biography to write, but he would leave the U mostly in a better place than he found it (cough Mens Basketball cough).  So we’ll wait and see.

As for things here at Hoyo’s Revenge a nasty head cold has derailed the cheerleading competition, look for us to return with the 3-Part SEC competition next week and hopefully the Big-10 as well.