Welcome To The Pseudo-Re-Birth Of Hoyo’s Revenge


Hey kids…

I know I haven’t been around much since the end of basketball season.  Sorry about that.  I was suffering from burnout and frankly most of what I was writing started sounding both either the same thing I was writing and wholly unentertaining, and I wasn’t feeling the funny.  So I took so time away, during a time we all didn’t miss much.

So first some random news, for those who care, you know I have one son and I’m happy to announce that I’ll have another boy who will arrive in mid-August.  I wanted to name him Hoyo but the wife shot down the idea of naming him after the racist former mascot of Utah.

As for changes you won’t see much.  I’ll have to coax my brother from another Raider Ute back into writing as he’s fallen in love and somehow being an unpaid contributor to a blog has taken a back seat.  The boy always had trouble with priorities.  And I’m going to start having more contributors.  I liked carrying the load for a long time, but I’m going to branch out now, get some more voices and see if we can’t appeal to a broader spectrum of people.

We’ll start our 100 days till football coverage soon.  Also we’re going to start looking at the state of things after two years in the Pac-12.  And since I’m the only one who still talks about the swim scandal, I’ll go ahead and mention that too.

And of course I can’t forget my old buddy Larry.  I’m going to shift just a bit on Larry, unless you people start telling nonsensical stories in which case I’ll be forced to swing the hammer.  In essence my position is this.  Larry has gotten 2 1/2 remakes of this basketball roster, more support than a coach who hasn’t won 20 games in two seasons deserves.  It’s all about the future.  Time to win basketball games Larry.

So I hope you’ll enjoy things after the minor reset, I feel refreshed and ready to kick-ass.