Spring Football Should Make You People Happy


First let me start by saying sorry I’ve been a bit MIA of late.  On occasion life outside of the series of tubes we call the intranets and blog-o-sphere gets in the way of things.  But now I’ve taken care of life and am back just in time for summer, the hottest time of year for a sports blogger.

So lets get back into it by talking about football.  The sport so many of you seem to be taking so much time to hate on.  I’m going to tell you right now to stop.  Because we’re going to be better and we’re going to a bowl.

The Hell you say…

Well lets look at last years issues.

Quarterback, O-Line, injury at running back.

This year we have QB’s.  Admittedly they will be young, but we have one with a lot of talent, another one with enough to step in, a third who played well before injury and two more coming in the fall.  This situation will be better than its been in a very long time.  So buck up little campers.

The O-line is by all reports a strength now, not a weakness.  This will be a very big deal for us to allow our QB’s to find their way a little bit.

Finally at Running Back.  Kelvin York is the man but was held to limited practice so as not to injure him.  In his place we found we have some depth here as well including a surprising find in Karl The Truth Williams.  Think back to 2003 and how far a good O-Line and a running game got us before Alex Smith really started to catch on.

In short, I’m excited.  I’m guessing the defense will still be a year away, but having an offense will help them a great deal.  Last year I was cautiously optimistic but I admitted a lot had to go right.  This year it feels like a lot of those questions are answered.

And when you top off adding Dennis Erickson to a QB and O-Line and a more stable RB situation, well lets just say the future has me putting some sunglasses on.