I’m Back With Some Random Utah Utes Thoughts


So I didn’t write as much over the last week or so, a combination of life and a bit of burnout.  It’s getting to be quiet time for Ute athletics, but there are a few things left to comment on, so I thought I’d start back with that.

Utah Utes gymnastics qualifies for nationals again.  But again the beam makes it scary.  If gymnastics were football, fans would be screaming about our beam issues.  And I don’t know which is better?  I know the gymnastics way annoys me less.  Anyway good luck to these women as they head to nationals.  I think I seem them equally capable of both winning a national title and not making the Super Six.

Speaking of Women’s teams, the basketball squad came within 20 seconds of an NIT title.  It was a tough ending but when you have to play five of six on the road, well fatigue is going to bite you at some point.  This squad could be an NCAA team next year so it would be nice to see them get more support.

As for fans screaming, it’s spring football time at Utah, which can mean only one thing… BITCH ABOUT THE STARTING QB.  So lets welcome Travis Wilson to that roll.  We’re a fan base who said Brian Johnson didn’t have “IT” right until he won the Sugar Bowl and we hate Jordan Wynn for having the audacity to endure five surgeries to try and play QB for us.  Now Wilson sucks.  Can the fire Dennis Erickson calls be far behind.

To end this column, lets play a little game of basketball recruiting.

Player A is 6-5.  His averages 11.3 PPG, 3.9 RPG, 1.8 APG

Player B is 6-6.  His averages 13.8 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 1.7 APG

Player A is Princeton Onwas, the JC kid just signed by Utah.  Player B is Dominique Lee, a JC kid who was a freshman at Utah, whom Larry told to leave.  I know, pointing this out just makes me a Larry hater and I have no clue.

Also on the hoops front is Utah hunting for a couple of transfers from name schools with Western Ties, I’ll let you Google.  Also rumor is Utah will sign a German kid named Kenneth Ogbe who is supposed to be a player.  However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out a couple of things…

1. Our last two coaches were roasted for going after Euro’s and JC kids.  Amazing how our fans change tunes.

2. Should the fact that we’re all JC’s, transfers and Euro’s concern me that we’re getting no traction competing against other Pac-12 schools?

I know, I’m a hater.