If Only Utah Swimmers Had Video


Rutgers Basketball Coach Mike Rice wasn’t fired until this got out.

It’s a shame that there wasn’t video tape of Utah Swim coach Greg Winslow or maybe something would have happened in the five years he was verbally and physically abusing scholarship athletes.

But it isn’t that simple is it.  Rutgers essentially ignored the video tape, giving Rice a slap a minor suspension without much comment thinking it would never come out.

Is it hardly different from Utah?  The University ignored years of complaints from swimmers, parents and assistant coaches.  In fact if it didn’t turn out that Greg Winslow enjoyed sex with 15 year old girls before coming to Utah, he just might still be our coach.

So when you watch that video, what is your reaction?  Should that guy be coaching?  Because Greg Winslow was doing worse.  Should the Athletic Director who saw that and didn’t fire Rice keep his job?  Because Chris Hill had or should have had as much or more information and took no action what so ever.

What about President Pershing, who oversaw an OEO investigation that found everything was hunky dory.

Are we really going to listen to all the internet folks who scream that everything in the Yahoo story and everything from Concussion Inc is all lies?  Are Ute fans just going to accept the whitewash of all this which is currently going on.

Or are we going to tell our student athletes that their scholarships don’t depend upon putting up with abusive behavior?

I just want to know what kind of athletic program we want.  I’m afraid of what the answer is.

If only the swimmers had video tape so all the bullies who would protect the athletic program above all else, couldn’t pretend this was nothing.