Larry Krystkowiak Likely To Be Named Coach at New Mexico


Times will be a changing again for University of Utah Basketball…

Hoyo’s Revenge has learned that over the weekend New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs contacted Larry Krystkowiak and it is likely that he will accept the job as early as Tuesday.   While Krystkowiak won’t be making what Alford’s new deal would have paid, he’ll be making significantly more than he was at Utah.

This will certainly be a shocking hire.  A program that won 29 games this year hiring a coach that has barely won 20 games in two seasons.

Perhaps Krebs is sending a message that New Mexico will not back down from the Pac-12.  OR perhaps he is seeking the culture change at New Mexico that Larry is so famous for bringing to Utah.  One has to wonder how many Lobo players will be returning next season.

As for where Utah goes, it’s widely assumed that Tommy Conner will be named head coach in order to continue the continuity started by Larry.  It is assumed that Andy Hill and DeMarlo Slocum will follow Larry to New Mexico.

As for my personal thoughts, while I’m glad that Larry is gone, our program is now in the hands of a guy coaching NAIA ball just two seasons ago.  His assistant choices will make all the difference.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.