Former Utes Ray Giacolletti Goes to Drake


Former Utah Utes Basketball coach Ray Giacolletti is taking over the program at Drake.

Let me be the people in line to say congrats to Ray and I think this will be a very nice place for him.

Now I realize a lot of Utah fans are about to say some very nasty things, the dumbest of them will try and find Drake message boards and say them there.  I would really hope that would  stay at a minimum.  Because the actions of the athletic department, boosters and fans during the Giacolletti era, aren’t exactly our proudest moments either.

I still think we owe Giac some gratitude, because he did make sure Andrew Bogut would return (maybe a lesson Larry needed about keeping players).  He also recruited the team that won a title in 2009.  Also know as the title that people who love Larry try to forget happened.

In the end, I still think Giacolletti’s biggest crime was being the one dumb enough to try and follow Majerus.  Utah fans were always going to kill that coach.

Giac had nice success at Eastern Washington, he also deserves a great deal of credit for the development of Kelly Olynyk,

At the end of the day I hope most Ute fans can just say, it’s been six year and I wish Coach Giacolletti the best.