Utah Utes Football: Doesn’t Everything Seem More Fun?


The first two years of Pac-12 Football for the Utah Utes was an uneasy time.  It was a lot of, well if this or that goes right then we have a chance to maybe do so and so.  And as we know, pretty much nothing went right so the Utes have a whole lot of people down on the program.

But I’m not one of them.

Having been reading practice reports and the general attitude of people in the program, doesn’t it feel like it’s morning in the Utah Football Program.  And oddly it comes from a 66 year old man who just had a hip replacement.

First there is the QB situation, it looks like we have three of them, all of whom could possibly move the offense if needed and Conner Manning comes in the fall.  A light year ahead of last year.  And while his replacement won’t be John White, we’re clearly not going to suck at RB.  Plus WR and OL both look improved.

The defense has questions as to whether our linebackers will get athletic enough and how do we deal with the loss of Star Lotulelei. But if we have an offense that can take some pressure off of those guys, well it would go along way to helping that unit.

And then there is this article about how Brian Johnson is dealing with the addition of Erickson.  It seems as hard as that might have been for Erickson, Brian gets it.  That it was a minor set back and if he understands that and learns from Erickson for a few years, combined with not having to deal with 3 QB’s and an injury to your all-American RB, that he can become the coordinator Whit and many others think he can.

Instead of lamenting last season, take a moment and I think you’ll feel something special happening.