Remember That Swim Scandal You Forgot?


I’ve been meaning to write a story about this for a little while since this was starting to have the feeling that the powers that be were going to try and run out the clock on this.  But there have been a couple of events to note.

First, the Board of Trustees have hired their own investigator, which seems interesting, but I don’t know what to make of it just yet.  Read about that here and here.

The University has also returned the scholarship of Karson Applin, the African-American swimmer that Greg Winslow went after on MLK Day.  Count this in the trying not to get sued column.

Third, Doug Knuth takes a swipe at Dr. Hill while interviewing for the Nevada job, before trying to cover.

It seems former assistant coaches were also making the University aware of Greg Winslow’s drinking problems and erratic behavior.

Finally, parents of former swimmers seem quite upset at the lack of contact from the new independent investigators.

And if I may add a comment.  As I look around the internet, it sure seems the bullies are out in force to tell us that all of this is absolutely nothing.  They want to discredit the Yahoo story and tell us that the guys at have an agenda.  So I have to ask, why is this Yahoo story nothing, when Yahoo is now the top of sports investigative reporting?  Like they’ve decided to risk their reputation on Utah Swimming.

As for ConcussionInc, yeah maybe they do have an agenda, but how about you point out where they’re wrong?

I think this whole thing bothers me is we have on one side a mountain of evidence that Greg Winslow was an out of control, abusive drunk that the U should have known about or did know about.  And we have a lot of people trying to tell us that its all nothing and we should ignore it.  I guess I hoped for better from my school but this doesn’t feel any different than all the people I’ve made fun of pretending like scandals at other schools mean nothing.

What happened here wasn’t as bad as Stubenville or Penn St.  But can’t you see this is the exact climate that creates those scandals.

Rick Majerus was over the line A LOT during his time at Utah.  And Hill let everything go until the investigation initiated over the Lance Allred incident couldn’t be covered.  Now we’ve had this covered as well.  God knows what else we don’t know about.  I’d be fine letting Dr. Hill retire, he probably done enough for the University to do that.  But we need some changes in the Athletic Department.

Utah needs a breath of fresh air.