March Madness: The Weekend In Review


Excuse me for taking a day off from March Madness, I stepped on one of my 3 year old’s toys, fell and hurt my back making it painful to do much besides lay in bed.  So what happened, first I’m on a podcast.

First I was on a podcast, so if you haven’t heard, check it out here.  The Taxi Squad folks are doing good work so put them in your podcast rotation.

Next, I’m sure everyone is waiting to hear me talk about Gonzaga and that sucked.  Wichita St. did all they needed to do, including 5 straight threes down the stretch.  I know a lot of people want to hate on Gonzaga but there are 200 plus division one teams who wish they could be the Zags.  I suppose at the end of the day it’s cool that you’re doing enough to be hated on.  No one is hating on the Utes, which is why I’ll continue to date Gonzaga on the side.

Our Gym squad had beam issues.  And I’m told its been an ongoing issue for years.  Utah finished third at the Pac-12 championships after leading going into the final rotation, beam.  I wish I knew more about gymnastics to make some commentary here.  I’ve been told some things but I think I’ll hold until after Nationals.

Women’s Hoop Hosts an NIT game tonight.  Seriously, you people are doing anything, go and support them.  This team could win an NIT title and that would be very cool.

As for the NCAA tourney.  We’ve seen the last of the MWC for this year and of Marshall Henderson, maybe for good.  FGCU, did anyone know this wasn’t a credit union.  Oregon and Arizona still representing the Pac-12, that feels pretty good.  In fact, Arizona would seem to have a real shot at the final four.

Finally, it seems like their might be some serious noise this week in Utah Utes Hoops.  Stay Tuned.