MARCH MADNESS: First Round Thoughts…


Thought I’d take a few moments to discuss what happened yesterday in the first round of the NCAA tourney.

First, I’m not calling in the Second Round, can’t we please call the play-in games the Preliminary Round or something.

But lets start with my bracket, where I was proudly 15-1 yesterday missing only the Harvard over New Mexico game, and lets face facts NONE of you had that game.  SO YAY ME.

Next, the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  I know there is a great deal of Gonzaga hate out there (as if Gonzaga was New Mexico or something).  But let me say a couple of things.  Southern played great, Gonzaga not so much.  But I’ve seen the Zags play like that a 100 times and bounce back big a couple of days later.  In fact I kind of expect it.

Further, Mark Few has made 14 straight NCAA tournaments and has lost to a lower seed exactly 3 times.  Now there will alway be questions until he makes a big run, but can we stop the Gonzaga always gets upset nonsense.  Because it isn’t based in reality.

Speaking of New Mexico and the MWC, WOW WOW WOW.  You know I wonder if Gonzaga and the MWC schools don’t suffer from something similar.  In conference their officials are too soft.  And when they get back into playing other teams, they aren’t used to how the game goes and kind of stand around waiting for calls.

But seriously MWC you have to do better.

St. Louis looked pretty good.

And last but not least, serious props to the Pac-12.  Arizona likely gets to the Sweet 16 now.  Plus Cal and Oregon got to tell the committee to suck it.

Till Tomorrow.