Utah Basketball- Season In Review (Part Three)


So here is the third and final installment of the Utah Utes Basketball Season in Review.

Today we’ll look at what next season will look like.

When last we left off, I had told you that there will likely be three departures in Dean, Dotson and Seymour.  Which means Utah will be recruiting at least three more people.  Now who those folks are will have some effect on what happens next season, so when we have that answer, I’ll give additional information.

But lets start with the schedule.  The staff is planning on another garbage OOC schedule for this coming season.  They’ll likely spend another 300K to bring in a bunch of patsies over Thanksgiving.  Our toughest games will be BYU at home, and I believe we still owe Boise another road game.  Utah St. returns to the schedule the season after.

Next is the lineup.  People keep saying that Taylor will be the starter, but based on what I’ve heard, I believe they are sorely mistaken.  Delon Wright can play the 1-2-3 and Van Dyke can play the 1-2.  That combo will be the starting group nearly from day one, interchanging who is the PG.   This will be to get size on the floor as Wright is 6-5 and Van Dyke is 6-2/6-3 depending upon who is talking.  They are also hoping for impact from the Fields kid right away as he is another 6-5 guard they can put on the floor.

The will do all they can to get Jordan Loveridge over to the three position.  Jordan is just wildly undersized at the four.  His issue, can he guard athletic threes.  Time will tell.

That puts Jeremy Olsen at one of the other two front court positions and which ever one of the bigs becomes most serviceable at the other.

So look for this lineup to see A LOT of minutes: Wright-Van Dyke-Loveridge-Olsen-Someone Else.  If you mix in Tucker and Taylor (although you know my opinion on him) and another big or two and well, there is your nine man rotation.

Which brings us to the question, how much closer to the Pac-12 does this lineup get us?

First, let me point out something, last, the pollyannas of the Utah Fan base were telling us how Dean and Dotson were going to lead us to the promise land.  Now both are likely out.  I also pointed out that, Dean was a Big Sky PG and Dotson averaged 7PPG despite plenty of opportunity to shoot.

Some folks now are talking about Wright like he’ll play in the NBA.  Remember his only other offer was from Washington St.  Van Dyke will be a true.

Next remember we’re replacing 40% of our scoring, we’re doing that just to tread water in the conference.  We have to not only replace that but do A LOT more to get closer to the conference.  What we have here, does it do that?  Especially considering most of the conference is our recruiting us on paper.

Now don’t call me a hater because I ask some difficult questions.  It’s just that some point we’re going to need to actually win basketball games, lots of them, and the question is.  Are we there yet?